Jersey City Global: More than just a school

Guest blog by Cynthia Cartagena

Choosing the right school for my son was not an easy task, I researched several schools, private and non-private, in search of a well-rounded school that offered a challenging yet adequate education that was suitable for each child. I wanted a school that welcomed, desired and encouraged parental involvement and a school that gave back to their community. It is empowering as a parent to know that we have options to choose from when selecting the perfect school for our children.  Charter schools make this process of choice possible.  Jersey City Global Charter School not only offers an excellent and unique curriculum; it offers our children and their families opportunities that are not given elsewhere; while teaching our children about the real world and how to succeed outside of school. My family is extremely happy with our choice in selecting a Charter School for our son’s education.


Cynthia and her husband, with their first grade son who attends Jersey City Global Charter School.

Cynthia was born and raised in Jersey City, received her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from St.  Peter’s University and is the mom of an awesome 1st grader and wife to a talented musician. 


About New Jersey Charter Schools Association

Formed in 1999, the New Jersey Charter Schools Association (NJCSA) is a 501(c)(3) membership association that represents the state’s charter school community and, by extension, charter school students and their parents. We are committed to advancing quality public education for New Jersey’s children through quality public charter schools, with the vision that every child in the State of New Jersey should have the opportunity to attend a high-quality public school that best meets his or her needs.
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