Charter Champion Awards

Each year the NJCSA awards the $500 Charter Champion Awards to recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to the charter school community in three categories: Teacher, Administrator, and Advocate.

The Charter Champion Award acknowledges those who embrace the true spirit of excellence and commitment in charter schools, especially those who do not seek recognition for the work they do to achieve educational equity.

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Apply or Nominate a Teacher for the Charter Champion Award!

Applications and nominations are now open for NJCSA’s $500 Charter Champion Award which recognizes exceptional leaders working in charter schools for educational equity.

Last year, over 100 nominations were received. Two winners received $500 each, gained statewide recognition, and spoke at the annual NJCSA conference.

You don’t need to be nominated to apply for the Charter Champion Award, but nominating is an easy way to show a Charter Champion they matter and their work has not gone unnoticed. Take a few seconds right now to nominate a charter school advocate. The final deadline is December 1, 2014.

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#ChartersChange Lives and #CharterChampions deserve recognition. Nominate a great #teacher #admin #advocate today!
Great educators, administrators, and advocates deserve our recognition and attention. Nominate a charter champion today and share your appreciation.

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